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   • EMDR
   • Explosive Disruptive Children
   • Marriage and Family Therapy
   • Divorce Adjustment Therapy
   • Forensics in the areas of Divorce
        and Bereavement
   • Parent-Child Reunification
   • Parenting Education
   • Child and Adolescent
   • Play Therapy
   • Traumatic Loss
   • Bereavement/ Grief Therapy
   • Sexual Abuse
   • Anxiety Disorders
   • Depression
   • Personality Disorders
   • Somatic Experiencing Therapy
   • DBT
   • CBT
   • Theraplay
   • Neurointegrative Re-education
   • Expert Witnessing

Access Dr. Lawrence's Seminars Online

You can now have access to Dr. Lawrence's "The Art of Intentional Loving" and "The Art Of Effective Parenting" seminars online. With up to 7 sessions of her exceptional workshops in video format, you'll have 24/7 access to all the learning from both of these seminar series.

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Series:    The Art of Intentional Loving (7 videos for $179)
This 7-video series provides a psycho-educational approach to learning new skills and new ways of thinking about how to relate. Early attachment styles will be examined, along with communication and negotiation techniques, skills for boundary setting, empathic listening skills and self-calming, emotional management techniques such as mindfulness meditation. Gender differences and the role they play will also be reviewed. The goal of the series will be to provide attendees with practical knowledge, understanding and skills that they can practice and use immediately to improve the important relationships in their lives.

The Art of Effective Parenting (4 videos for $99)
This workshop presents an attachment and research based approach to decoding the art of parenting. Participants will review the elements needed to create a bonded, secure, attuned parent/child relationship. This four-video series provides you with new skills and a new understanding of how to create the win-win atmosphere necessary to facilitate mutual respect, harmony and love in your family.

Using Brain-Based, Attachment-Based, Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Regulate Children in the Classroom ($40)
This is a one hour, eighteen minute video of Dr. Lawrence's March 2014 presentation to teachers. It was presented for the Diocese in Service.

Out With Stress - In with Peace, Joy & Harmony ($79)
This series consists of four videos, approximately one hour each, of Dr. Lawrence's November 2015 presentation on dealing with stress in a spiritual manner.

Using Developmental Play Therapy to Heal the Grieving Child ($89)
This series consists of four videos, approximately one hour each, of Dr. Lawrence's April 2016 presentation on understanding the child's world and how children grieve.

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