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   • EMDR
   • Explosive Disruptive Children
   • Marriage and Family Therapy
   • Divorce Adjustment Therapy
   • Forensics in the areas of Divorce
        and Bereavement
   • Parent-Child Reunification
   • Parenting Education
   • Child and Adolescent
   • Play Therapy
   • Traumatic Loss
   • Bereavement/ Grief Therapy
   • Sexual Abuse
   • Anxiety Disorders
   • Depression
   • Personality Disorders
   • Somatic Experiencing Therapy
   • DBT
   • CBT
   • Theraplay
   • Neurointegrative Re-education
   • Expert Witnessing


The following are both areas of expertise and workshops that Dr. Lawrence cam provide upon request.

  • Risk Factors and Prevention for Child and Adolescent Suicide
  • Dealing with Death in The School: A Model for helping Staff and Students Cope Effectively with a Death at School
  • Healing the Whole Child: Theory and Techniques for Teachers and Other Professionals Working with The Bereaved Child
  • Why Play Therapy? Understanding the History, Development and Use of Play Therapy in the Treatment of Children and Adolescents
  • What Color is Your Anger?: Helping Children Cope with Anger After Death
  • Preventing Childhood Depression and Suicide after the Loss of a Loved One.
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children 2006/ PP
  • Using Developmental Play Therapy with Grieving Children 2005/PP
  • Ideas and Practical Strategies for Helping Grieving Children 2004/ PP
  • When Loving Hurts: Helping Children Heal From The Death of A Parent, Friend, or Sibling
  • A Model for Helping the Preschool Child Cope Effectively with Peer Conflict
  • Understanding and Treating the Difficult, Explosive Child
    This workshop focuses on simple information and techniques that will help parents understand and communicate more effectively with their children.
  • Understanding, Assessing and Treating Attachment Disorders The Neurological Impact of Trauma, neglect and Abuse On The Developing Brain

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