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For many years it was believed that children, especially young children, were not severely impacted by the death of a loved one or by other serious losses. Today, we know that is not true. We know that children may be profoundly impacted by serious losses in their lives. They grieve differently than adults but they do grieve. Childhood grief, if it is not dealt with in childhood, can create serious complications throughout a person's life time. It can result in, chronic anger, depression, anxiety, problems with trust and intimacy and problems with health. Because of this, it is important to know how to identify and treat childhood grief.

This DVD will:

  • Review differences between child and adult ways of coping with grief and loss
  • Review the the impact that unresolved childhood grief has on later adult functioning
  • Outline the stages and tasks of grief
  • Review the impact that a child's developmental stage has on the grief process
  • Identify the red flags that indicate a child is grieving
  • Review the nine needs of the grieving child
  • Explain how to help a children cope with grief and loss

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